Call for Workshop Proposals

KI 2009 is the 32nd edition of the German Conference on Artificial Intelligence which traditionally brings together academic and industrial researchers from all areas of AI. The technical program of KI 2009 will comprise paper and poster presentations and a variety of workshops and tutorials.

We invite proposals for workshops to be held at the beginning of the conference. Eligible topics include all subareas of artificial intelligence as well as their foundations and applications. Since KI 2009 emphasizes the impact of AI on automation, workshops covering this and related subjects are particularly welcome.

How to Propose a Workshop

Proposals should be prepared in postscript, PDF, or plain ASCII (two pages) and sent by email to the KI 2009 Workshop Chair. They should be formulated in English language and must arrive by January 25th, 2009. Each workshop proposal should provide the following information:

Submissions of the workshop papers may be handled by the conference's online submission system. If you prefer to use this service instead of submission by email, please note this in your proposal, too.

Workshop organizers will be responsible for:

Producing a call for participation. The call is due February 20, 2009. This call will be posted on the KI 2009 website. Organizers are responsible for additional publicity such as distributing the call to relevant newsgroups and electronic mailing lists, and especially to potential audiences from outside the KI conference community. Organizers are encouraged to maintain their own web site with updated information about the workshop.

Coordinating the production of the workshop notes. The KI 2009 workshop chair coordinates the collection, production and distribution of the working notes for the workshops. Workshop papers and abstracts must be received by the KI 2009 workshop chair no later than August 10th 2009; volumes are limited to a total of 200 pages.

The KI 2009 conference organizers will provide logistic support and meeting places for the workshops as well as determine the dates and times of the workshops. The KI 2009 conference organizers reserve the right to drop any workshop if the organizers miss the above deadlines.

Important Dates

Proposal deadline

Jan 25, 2009

Notification of acceptance

Feb 4, 2009

CFP for the workshops due

Feb 20, 2009

Proceedings due for printing

Aug 10, 2009


Sep 15, 2009

KI 2009 Workshop Chair

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Althoff
Institute of Computer Science
Intelligent Information Systems Lab
Marienburger Platz 22
D-31141 Hildesheim, Germany


+49 5121 883 -751


+49 5121 883-755