Workshop Representations for Mobile Robots - canceled

Call for presentations

In the past decades, research in mobile robotics emphasized low-level sensing and control tasks, including sensor data interpretation, mapping, and path planning.  Nowadays, the focus has changed to build robots with higher level cognitive functions that enable them to act in complex environments, e.g., 3D environments with multiple levels and complex structures or environments including various types of objects that can be manipulated.  Robots acting autonomously in such environments must integrate perception, learning, reasoning, and planning capabilities.

This workshop aims at bringing together researchers developing techniques for representations that help mobile robots to successfully accomplish complex tasks in the real world.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • learning higher-level environmental representations
  • spatial understanding
  • cognitive modeling
  • ontologies for spacial representations
  • navigation/planning using higher-level environmental models
  • models of human perception, reasoning, and action
  • etc.

The workshop program will consist of oral presentations and will conclude with a discussion involving all participants.

Abstracts of contributions should be emailed as PDF to maren(at) by July 12th.

 Workshop Organizers: